October 14

Topic – Ancient Study Of Astronomy

Fact: 1 Babylon were very advanced astronomers name because they had a system

Fact: 2 The Maya’s text were burnt by the Spanish people 

Fact: 3 The Maya made a Mayan long count calendar

Question: 1 how can Babylon predict astronomical fanomanons? 

Question: 2 why is war apart of the Roman way of life?

Understanding: I understand studying the planets helped the people understand what is out there a bit better


October 11

100 wc

today I was at the soccer stadium it reminded me of the time when I got kicked out of the other one ahhhhhhh bad memorize anyway my friends and I were playing truth or dare and there all scardy cats and said truth and I was the only one that said dare and they all dared me to go and be a streaker so is aid yes and ran around the soccer pitch I was nevus because I didn’t want to get tackled so I was running and obviously  I got tackled and i went to jail there is my horror  story

October 7

semester 2 goals

So far this semester I have achieved being better at division because I used to struggle but know I can nearly get it every time but the big numbers are harder to divide.

I have not yet managed to achieve my handwriting because that is the most important thing to me and I really need to get better at it because I am super bad at handwriting. I also want to get better at simple storeys and storeys with not much talking because I use talking too much in my writing and I want to use figurative language in my storeys because I don’t really know what it is so I can get better as I too while I write

during this term, I am hoping to get better at handwriting and doing my homework earlier because I usually leave it to Saturday or Sunday. I also want to  get better at being on time for school because lately, I have been coming at 8:55 and the bell rings at 9:00 so I have 5 minutes to get to school and get my stuff out and get to class

September 19

what a colloid is

Solo presentation for debates

A Colloid is a substance microscopically (which means it is tiny) particles dispel rsed evenly throughout another substance shaving cream and whipped cream are both colloids of gas inside a liquid. So when you beat cream in a mixer it combines with the gas air to produce the colloid whipped cream. But jelly is a liquid inside of a solid. In a colloid, the particles settle down why is that you may ask? It is because smaller particles are not moving allot due to Brownian motion which is a random motion of particles suspended in a fluid resulting from their collision I’ll show you an example with jelly as you can see the crystals are a solid but if I put hot water this happens it turns into a liquid

so that’s what a colloid is and I hope you enjoyed

September 11

100 wc

I was walking down the street and then this hands came out of know where I had never seen them before and considering that I live around here and have walked exactly here I was pretty weirded out by it. Then I realized it was holding a rope now that’s creepy. The hands started to open the one on the left was holding the rope tight I thought I was going to get wiped at this point. Then one was holding it up tight I scrunched in a ball and was so scared and i wont tell you the ending LOL

September 8

100 wc

Hey, what’s up bro guess what I’m going to get a new car today. ayyyy wait it depends on what car it is. ohh it’s a Lambo and its got under glow and everything. wait what color should it be tho.i was thinking and you can choose if you want. ok pink. doesn’t matter goodbye.hello are you the car Deller yes I am what would you like today can I get a Lambo, please. Ok, what colour do you want it to be, purple or red you choose? Umm red ok how much 200,000 ok sure ill do it

September 2

100 wc


We were at school and we were going down the stairs and this girl had pink hair and it was so weird I had never seen it before. So I and my friend went to class and we so nervous because we and a French test. So we were sitting there and then we saw something in the river next to us we were so weirded out there was a stand that had never been there before saying coked food get your cooked food. So we told the teacher and she said it was her friend.

August 26


I was at home doing stuff for mum then I heard a doorbell. So I ran to get it and it was the postman I said hello he said hi ina deep voice then he handed me a letter from the lottery. I was like have I won. then I and mum were reading it. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face I think we won said mum she smiled at me. while crying. she said we did we were celebrating we won 100 million dollars!!!! we were so happy we were in heaven.

August 12

100 wc

Hey, Jimmy wanna come to the AFL game I got 2 tickets. tea sure. who is playing? its west coast eagles agents north Melbourne. ok, let’s catch the train ok.

2 hours later

hey, Garry it’s 137-90 and there is 10 min left I dare you to go down and run on the field why would I do that im going to get banned from the oval. ill give you 10,000 dollars so you can pay for the fine  and have 5,000 dollars left for you so you can pay it on something else no and that’s my final anencer o fine but there goes 10 g