June 10

herald sun

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This text was about how Africa is turning into to parts.

The tear in the earth is more than 15m deep and more than 15m wide. Experts say that in about 50 million years the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate. Africa is split into to plates because of the tear in the earth.

how do they know in about 50 million years African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate? what is a postdoctoral researcher?

I understand that Africa will split into two and people will be affected by it but right now it’s not that serious. 


June 10

100 wc

one day me and my mum went on a trip to my aunties house. I like going there because we get to cross a huge pink bridge so when we got there the coolest thing happened we made sprinkled cookies. it was so cool at my aunties anyway the next day we went outside and I saw a daffodil plant it was yellow and had and my auntie sad their rear plant because they were sold out where she went to get it. I started laughing because just because of were  she went doesnt mean their rear

June 3

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so one day me and my friend were going to the park and we saw something that we had never seen before in this park it was prickly on round so we picked it up and me and my friend were like what is this  then it happened the thing came to life it was crawling in my hand so me and my friend looked at each other a screamed we were scared we didn’t know what to do so we put it down a left we ran to our house and came back and it wasent there so thats what hpend it was scarry

May 27


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this text was about Hawaii is a dangers place because of volcanos and people have to evacuate because of the volcanos

lava will destroy everything in its path

they have a volcano class in Hawaii

the lava is 2 thousand degrees

how do volcanos start to explode?

why is Kilauea one of the most active volcanos?

I understand that Hawaii is in danger of volcanos


May 23

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so I was at a camp excursions for school and we were told to follow instructions which were.

1. go to the drinking fountain

2. then find the big red house

3. go to the desert

4. go back to your cabin

but I just didn’t understand the instructions because we were in the mountains and there is no desert in the mountains. So I was walking past the cabins and then I saw the cabin called the desert so then I was released and I finished the steps last and everyone laughed at me and so did i the end

May 22


Controlling your personal information is important because someone could scam you.if you give your bank details to a company you probably got scammed because companies don’t usually ask for things like that.

viruses can happen when you open a website or a message on your computer.if you open a website that a message has advertised it usually is a virus or a scam because they have advertised it and want you to spend money to get a product.

your friends can still scam you. mabey your friends are pulling a prank on you or mabey they don’t like you anymore.so not just random people can scam you.

some ways to avoid scams are go outside and be active

May 20

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Hi, there this is Emily from 7 news and here at the zoo, there has been an escape from the zoo an intelligent spider that will sting you and is very venomous is on the lose if you have seen it call the animal rescue and they will bring it to the zoo. Also, a leopard is wondered off during feeding time.try not to go near it because it will hurt you so call the zoo because they have professionals. The thing I’m wondering is how did they get out this has to be no security. thats all for today thanks for watching


May 10

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hey, dad, I’m going out for a bit ill be back at  7:00. you know it’s 3:00. yep ill be back late ok by. by see you at 7:00.

4 hours later

hey dad I’m home I’ll  be in my room so dont come in. Ok. ummmmmmmmm dad why is there a paege in my room come here.wow when did that arrive ill open it ok dad but b careful cut wow its a. a what. a alien aghhhhh run abandon the house get something and get out quick later they thought they got away but they got chased the whole day thats a bad day.

May 6

100 wc

agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shouted Jeff there is CRIMSON all over the house. well I guess ill have to go to mistys house misty is my best friend but she lives right next to the grave. by mum. by jeff said.

hey crimson can we go into the grave and see some of the names on them.

yeah sure. do do do do do hey do you know who troll land is no. ammm jeff the troll person yeah his starting to move this is going to be frantic ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun later that day they were being terorised the rest of the day by troll