February 18


One day there was weird noises in my house. So I went down to check it out. But nothing was there so I went back and tried to get back asleep. Then it happened again this time I brought a torch and I turned it on and went down stairs and guess what it was, an alien!!!!!!


So I called the cops and they said I’ll be there as soon as possible. So I hid and the cops came but it was just my brothers playing games so the police man said go to bed as it is very late it was 12:00.

by ijaz

February 12


AHHHHHHHHHHHH! we are under attack evacuate the city.

Hi i am Ijaz reporting live from 7 news we are under attack form Singapore send help i repeat we are under attack send help

ohhhh mother of god that is  a big ship coming in ummm i might stop the recording because there is aliens right beside me no i  wont because its for your entertainment but look at this aliens he said go to zorkg to get 2 for the price of one hover craft quick go its a limited time thing so hurry up and go help me

later that day  he died LOL

February 8

Goals for semester 1    


Name:   IJAZ                                             .

What I want to learn:

I want to learn about punctuation and were to use it at the right time I also want to learn about what was the first volcano to erupt



List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

·       Practice

·       Search up things about that topic


·       Ask other



How I learn and behave:

Try hard




List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


·       Try

·       Look at the people talking

·       Work towards it

·       Ask other people

February 1

my family and holidays


Hi I am Ijaz


I like to play games and run around my favourite games are soccer and football. I am very competitive so I like to win like most people.I also play for the west coburg footy team


I also like to eat pizza I like margarita and 2 minute noodles. My whole family likes that stuff to. Except for my mum she thinks it makes us fat.


In my family I have 3 brothers the oldest one is Zain he just finished year 12 in 2017 and really likes playing ps4. My youngest brother is Aman he is in year 3 at MPPS and likes WWE which is wrestling.my second oldest brother is in year 10 and likes to watch youtube. His name is Deen. I technically have 4 brothers because I have a cat named Bam-bam he is the best cat in the world.


On my holidays I went to Singapore and we went to universal studios. There was a scary ride that went upside down it was really scary and I felt that I was going to die but it was really fun. We went on so many rides it was so cool.


We also went to Malaysia and while we were there the most fun thing that we did was jet skiing we went island hoping and we got our own island to our self. I even got to drive it was amazing. And that’s what I did on my holidays.

November 22

100 wc move up day

The grimreaper

One day MR Grimmy was eating to mach so he needed to lose some waight so he whent to kill me because I was his arch nemises I defeated him 21 times I am to cool for school whit I don’t go to school any way back to the story he is standing on my lawn it is night so i`m scared let me crab my sored im going out to kill him now!

Arrrrrrrr he killed me no he diden`t aha now yore dead finally that’s 22 times ive defated you now let me watch a movie

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May 18

The naughty Dog

The naughty Dog!

“Raff!” Howled the dog. He was excited because he was going to the park to see all the other dogs. Mum let him outside to see all the other dogs! After that he went home to get fed.


When mum fed the dog the keys fell in the bowl and the dog ate it. They were very poor so they had to use a knife. The dog had to take pills


“Gulp the dog took the piles”



Oh no went mum they Killed the dog with the knife



P.S. they never got the keys out R.I.P.