December 9



1 To get evolution you need to get something new.

2 Rapping can help to get better at poetry.

3 There a lot about politics and the environment.


1 How many types of poetry are there?

2 How do you cent it to rime to relly big words?

understandings I understand that at first, it is hard to make a poem but if u practice you can do it


December 6


Mars rover would detect each rock as it follows its path. The mars rover starts off in front of rocks. Then then the mars rover will go forward about 4 meters. The rover will then go left and then turn right for 6 meters. After that it will go down a few meters. Then it will be like a zig zag as you go right then down then left and you will end up in your end position.

The Edison will start on the sheet of paper and would be coded to sense the line. Then it will gradually follow the path/ line around the rocks. First it will go straight forward for a few meters. After its past 3 rocks it will turn right for about 3 meters. Then it will keep on going straight for another 3 meters. After that it will turn right then down then go left till it ends in its end position past all the rocks.

December 3

100 wc

they were about to finish the bike race 50 k they were going for the win Trever and steve but they were exhausted they have been training their whole life for this they both were still going to try there best an do it.  both of them were peddling as fast as they tried legs could they were  on the edge of calapsing neck to neck it was so close for about 800 meters but then Steve started to slack off then Trever  went super try hard and won beating steve bye 20 meters trever was so happy he won he was shaking


December 2


humans in space

green understanding red fact blue question

fact:1 on April 12, 1961, the first person went to space.

fact:2 millennia means 1000 years.

fact:3 there is no air in space and it is really cold.

question:1 whos idea was it to go to mars.

question:2 what if we found extraterrestrial life on Mars while people are there.  

I understand going to space is really hard and is a good thing for your country.

November 29

100 wc

goal Punctuation

I was running over to my friend’s house to have a sleepover that we had planned. knock knock. Ohh hello, Luka come in. we seemed to be watching tv instead of playing video games. Why aren’t we playing video games I asked. Umm, don’t you know there is meant to be a tornado and we need to see if we need to move or run away. wait what there is a tornado coming oh my god. Aghhhh panic attack ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok so what are we going to do hmmmmm let’s keep watching ohhh they just said it’s not coming were ok well be fine

November 16

100 wc

There was a pretty girl running down the hallway and she was screaming I didn’t know why but when I saw it there was a gorrlia behind her. She was holding a yellow bannana and i told her to through it back she didi but that was not what he was after i saw some construction sites right next to me so i grabbed a brick i trough it at the grilia but that just made him agreya sadly the girl died and is no longer with us im so sad thhat i couldent do anything it was all my falt





November 12



6 people are going to be in a small room for a year on mars

the trip to Mars could take 3-4 years 

if they want to go outside they have to use their space suits 


what if they get stuck inside? 

how are they going to plan for the rocket ship?


i understand that they are trying to get people to mars and there getting a few people ready for that

November 2



Mars has 2 moons

Pluto is no longer a planet 

There are 7 planets- Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune 


why do we have 8 planets why not more or less?

why did they make Pluto a dwarf planet


i understand that there are a lot of different planets and we have not explored them all

October 30

100 wc

ok  boys were going to rob a store it is small but a lot of people go there so they 100% have cash ok here’s the plan jeff you the getaway driver and bob you go in and get the cash umm Skyler I don’t want to be the getaway driver I want to be in there getting the cash. no, you’re the getaway. Drive but why, because I said so ok let’s do thing jeff turn the car on quick the cops are right behind use ok gt in. go go go go. you have to go as fast as you can there the cops.

October 26



1. I took 8 months for curiosity to get to mars

2.curiosty is the size of a car

3.curiostys job is to Rome around mars and look at rocks


1. when will people be on Mars?

2. how would technology work?


i understand how it takes alot of hard work and time and effort to get robots to get to Mars let alone humans will be extremely hard to get them to mars