March 18


Keys: Facts Red, Questions: Bule, Understandings: green


this text was about how people are voting and how they organize the votes

someone won an election with 0.51% but another group had 3.56

Australia has to vote

Malcolm Turnbull thinks not everyone is getting there say

How much is the highest votes for a Senate?

what is the most popular party?

I understand that people different prefer different parties  

March 18

100 wc

Today it was a rining day in Australia and I was in the park at the city but all of a sudden a giant cup fell out of the sky I was in shock it had scared me so much that I nearly fainted. So I looked at the so I looked at the cup after a while and it had a big crack in and it looked like a giant  it looked had accidently dropped it from the sky or he was just really angry at the people of the earth so that’s what ha[[end to me today what about you

March 6

100 wc

Ok so jeff you go full forward and Bob, you go center ok let’s go team ok on three say we will win we will wen ok ready one two three wait what if we were in charge were would we put us I think we should be in charge who is with me [the whole team] ok I think Jeff you should swap with bob ok lets do this we will win we will win
after the match
what did I tell you we should be in charge more often shouldn’t we after that day they were always in charge that’s

March 2

2/2/2018 work at school

Dear people who see this  is what I learned about democracy


Parliament is where the elected pollutions go to make laws

Two houses


constitution-document that rules for our democracy is written on.



These  are impotent words I came across today








questions: how do you older people vote


February 28


Keys: Facts Red, Questions: Blue, Understandings: green


This text was about how kids are trying to make Australia a better place and kids being able to have there say

there is a 17-year-old who is trying to  stop bullying at school

there is a day called national young leadership day 

it was older kids learned about leading

how many kids are learning about a leader 

do the kids what to be a leader when they grow up

i understand that people have different opinions to others

February 27

100 wc

the coolest thing happened today at school my friend snaked in his goldfish but it wasn’t  gold it was brown when we were in class it slowly sneaked out of its bowl and it jumped out just as we came out of class and turned into superman it flew across the school at 100 MPH and we heard a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the fish it went into a ladder but being Superman he didn’t feel a thing so I and my friend went to get him later that day we got I trouble and the fish went back to his house

February 25


Hi, my name is Ijaz this is my SRC speech.

if I was SRC I would try to make us have more fundraisers so we can give money to people who need it most I would listen to people’s ideas and says and I would include everyone and i would go to all the meatings.

That’s why I think I would be a good SRC

thank you for having me by