March 22

100 wc

Hey miss. Yes, Jeff said. Can I go to the toilet? Yes go with Jon

He Jon do you think that miss is a mean teacher or a nice. I I think she is a mean teacher said jeff I’m telling miss when we get back haha you’re going to get busted.

2 minutes later

Hey, miss Jeff said you’re a. WOW, how did you get up there and where is everyone. THEY ALL DIED!

Ahhhggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg everyone run. Wait if you`re up there what are you. I`m an alien later that day everyone severed except for miss (teacher)

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February 20

100 WC

One day I went down my street and I saw something in the woods it was white and red so I followed it.  Then and it😉 went into a cave and at first I thought that was wearied. then it happened it😉 turned around and I saw what it was it🤡 the clown so I ran and ran but he was so fast so I hid in his cave but he found later that day she died.

hello it’s dave reporting from seven news today a girl called Sophie has died by a clown no one knows how it happened but that’s all the info we have for you tonight bye

btw this it the clown

Image result for it

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November 22

100 wc move up day

The grimreaper

One day MR Grimmy was eating to mach so he needed to lose some waight so he whent to kill me because I was his arch nemises I defeated him 21 times I am to cool for school whit I don’t go to school any way back to the story he is standing on my lawn it is night so i`m scared let me crab my sored im going out to kill him now!

Arrrrrrrr he killed me no he diden`t aha now yore dead finally that’s 22 times ive defated you now let me watch a movie

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May 9

100wc I just couldn’t eat something so

I just couldn’t eat something so  i had to make a run to the shops and i’m not aloud out at night so i got in my black cloths  and got the keys and when`t out to 7 eleven to get a slurpee wash it out that very disgusting food I had to run like 2Km and i am pretty fast but it toke me 20M because it was like 1 in the morning so when I got there I was so unhappy because it was closed!!!! so all that running was for nothing  so I had to run home and go to bed.