March 6

100 wc

Ok so jeff you go full forward and Bob, you go center ok let’s go team ok on three say we will win we will wen ok ready one two three wait what if we were in charge were would we put us I think we should be in charge who is with me [the whole team] ok I think Jeff you should swap with bob ok lets do this we will win we will win
after the match
what did I tell you we should be in charge more often shouldn’t we after that day they were always in charge that’s

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1 thoughts on “100 wc

  1. antsclass

    this was a good idea for a piece-the sports team that changes everything by taking charge of their own games.
    But it’s a little hard to read without punctuation-especially important when there’s talking!
    In future, you should try to concentrate on punctuating as you go, but then, when you read it back to yourself be REALLY careful to check where all the punctuation belongs.
    Keep up the great work,


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