February 1

my family and holidays


Hi I am Ijaz


I like to play games and run around my favourite games are soccer and football. I am very competitive so I like to win like most people.I also play for the west coburg footy team


I also like to eat pizza I like margarita and 2 minute noodles. My whole family likes that stuff to. Except for my mum she thinks it makes us fat.


In my family I have 3 brothers the oldest one is Zain he just finished year 12 in 2017 and really likes playing ps4. My youngest brother is Aman he is in year 3 at MPPS and likes WWE which is wrestling.my second oldest brother is in year 10 and likes to watch youtube. His name is Deen. I technically have 4 brothers because I have a cat named Bam-bam he is the best cat in the world.


On my holidays I went to Singapore and we went to universal studios. There was a scary ride that went upside down it was really scary and I felt that I was going to die but it was really fun. We went on so many rides it was so cool.


We also went to Malaysia and while we were there the most fun thing that we did was jet skiing we went island hoping and we got our own island to our self. I even got to drive it was amazing. And that’s what I did on my holidays.

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1 thoughts on “my family and holidays

  1. aaliyah2016

    Hi Ijaz the ride that you went in seemed pretty cool, what others rides did you go on there?, and did Aman go on any with you? Also about your two older brothers are into youtube and things like that, that’s basically my brothers they’re stuck onto to tech all the time. And i can relate having 3 siblings.


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