May 18

The naughty Dog

The naughty Dog!

“Raff!” Howled the dog. He was excited because he was going to the park to see all the other dogs. Mum let him outside to see all the other dogs! After that he went home to get fed.


When mum fed the dog the keys fell in the bowl and the dog ate it. They were very poor so they had to use a knife. The dog had to take pills


“Gulp the dog took the piles”



Oh no went mum they Killed the dog with the knife



P.S. they never got the keys out R.I.P.

May 9

100wc I just couldn’t eat something so

I just couldn’t eat something so  i had to make a run to the shops and i’m not aloud out at night so i got in my black cloths  and got the keys and when`t out to 7 eleven to get a slurpee wash it out that very disgusting food I had to run like 2Km and i am pretty fast but it toke me 20M because it was like 1 in the morning so when I got there I was so unhappy because it was closed!!!! so all that running was for nothing  so I had to run home and go to bed.