April 23

100 wc

today I was walking in the woods with James and we were running back to my house and then out of thin air legs fell out of the sky and then the rest of the body came and we sprinted as fast as we could but Bigfoot (the giant legs and the body)  so we hid for 30 minuits and we were staving when we left he was staring as in the eye he looked fat and scary and he was very hairy we detracted him with our last dounate and ran we luckily got home that what happend on my hoiladays

April 16

reading reflection

On the holidays I read The Unforgettable Whats His Name

It was about a kid and if he gets nerves he goes hot then cold and then he feels like he’s drowning

I think the book is different because when the boy gets hot, cold and then he feels like he is drowning after that he blends in with were he is standing and then no one can see him

April 16

goals check in

What I want to learn:

  • I want to learn about punctuation and were to use it at the right time I also want to get better at hand writing

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Practice
  • Search up things about that topic
  • Ask other



How I learn and behave:

  • Try hard
  • Listen

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  •  Try
  • Work towards it
  • Ask other people
  • research

Have i achieved it

i think i have cind of  achieve it 

What have i done to achieve it

  i tried to remind myself about it and when i was writing i tried to put punctuation in the write spot

What i hope to do this term to achieve it

this term i hope to try harder and look towards it more

goal 2

Have i achieved it

i think i have sort of  achieved it 

What have i done to achieve it

what i have done to achieve it is practiced and worked hard on it

What i hope to do this term to achieve it

this term i hope to try and work towards it so it gets better and neater i also think i could write more on a piece of paper as practice so it gets better 


March 28

info graphic

in class we have been working on democracy the 2 topics i did were the senate and the house of representatives

mine is about the senate the house of representatives  how a bill becomes a law and making a government

i tried to achieve getting a good topic sentence

thanks for looking at my post by

March 25



Keys: Facts Red, Questions: Blue, Understandings: Green


this text was about how the government wants to change how we vote


when we vote for the Government you also vote for the Senate

the government wants to change the way we vote for the Senate

sometimes group voting is risky


why does he want to change the way we vote for the Senate

how did the system get taking advantage of


understand that people want to change the way we vote but other people vote 

March 22

100 wc

Hey miss. Yes, Jeff said. Can I go to the toilet? Yes go with Jon

He Jon do you think that miss is a mean teacher or a nice. I I think she is a mean teacher said jeff I’m telling miss when we get back haha you’re going to get busted.

2 minutes later

Hey, miss Jeff said you’re a. WOW, how did you get up there and where is everyone. THEY ALL DIED!

Ahhhggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg everyone run. Wait if you`re up there what are you. I`m an alien later that day everyone severed except for miss (teacher)

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March 18



Keys: Facts Red, Questions: Bule, Understandings: green


this text was about how people are voting and how they organize the votes

someone won an election with 0.51% but another group had 3.56

Australia has to vote

Malcolm Turnbull thinks not everyone is getting there say

How much is the highest votes for a Senate?

what is the most popular party?

I understand that people different prefer different parties  

March 18

100 wc

Today it was a rining day in Australia and I was in the park at the city but all of a sudden a giant cup fell out of the sky I was in shock it had scared me so much that I nearly fainted. So I looked at the so I looked at the cup after a while and it had a big crack in and it looked like a giant  it looked had accidently dropped it from the sky or he was just really angry at the people of the earth so that’s what ha[[end to me today what about you

March 6

100 wc

Ok so jeff you go full forward and Bob, you go center ok let’s go team ok on three say we will win we will wen ok ready one two three wait what if we were in charge were would we put us I think we should be in charge who is with me [the whole team] ok I think Jeff you should swap with bob ok lets do this we will win we will win
after the match
what did I tell you we should be in charge more often shouldn’t we after that day they were always in charge that’s